Raise awareness and improve understanding of employers, workers and their representatives of the opportunities and challenges in the world of work resulting from the digital transformation

European Social partners framework agreement on Digitalisation

This framework agreement is the shared commitment of the European cross-sectoral social partners to optimise the benefits and deal with the challenges of digitalisation in the world of work.

Press Release

WorkTransitionCEE Visual Identity

Download the WorkTransitionCEE project visual identity package: the project logo in different formats, documents and Powerpoint presentation templates, the project visual identity guldelines.



Desktop Research – Automotive and Oil and Gas in Romania

This material is the outcome of the desktop research activity executed during the Jobscape research, part of the WorkTransitionCEE project. It includes analysis of documents available in the public domain with regards to the impact of digitalization and automation on jobs and skills with the objective of understanding current perspectives, with a focus on the Oil&Gas and Automotive industries.



Trends Shaping the Future of Work in CEE

The report explores the available pathways to progress and how can the CEE countries become the frontrunners of the digital transformation for the benefit of employers and employees alike. Will age, gender, or country of birth still count in the future as employment criteria? How do we build a new balanced architecture? Where do we start from? These are just a few questions that remain after reading this report.


Guidebook for employees and employers

The guide proposes a series of useful recommendations for successfully navigating what we call digital transformation, the transition to a digital world of work. Concepts such as organizational positioning, roadmap to digitization, interdisciplinary skills, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, innovation and creativity, resources and efficiency, cooperation, blended approaches, common benefits are notions addressed by this publication, with the objective of providing a platform of reflection on digitization and its implications and providing a starting point for actions to mitigate potential negative consequences and enable realization of benefits.