Digitization and automation are becoming an integrated part of our work. Therefore, education and training programs are essential to develop a set of skills that enable workers to adapt to new changes in the labor market.

Under the WorkTranstionCEE umbrella we are launching a video, based on the research undertaken in Romania, Hungagy and Slovakia, with the aim of raising awareness about the opportunities and challenges resulting from the digital transformation of the world of work and to disseminate the results of the project.

The video is available in English, Romanian, Slovakian and Hungarian.

WorkTransitionCEE project brings together social partners from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania to research how new technologies are changing the labor market in several key sectors and what we can do to prepare for the new labor market. Change is here, let’s make it work for us!

This material, partially created with the help of AI, is part of the WorkTransitionCEE project – co-financed by the European Union, which brings together six representative social partners from Central and Eastern Europe, Concordia (RO), The National Trade Union Block BNS (RO), MGYOSZ / BusinessHungary (HU), VASAS (HU), NUE (SK), NKOS (SK)) to study in detail the risks, challenges and opportunities for the Industry 4.0 labor market. https://worktransition.eu/

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