Trends Report “Future of work and skills in Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia”

Context: The global crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the digitalization and automation but also increased unemployment in the EU to unprecedented levels. Yet many employers have difficulties finding skilled workers to fill their vacancies which affects their productivity and impairs a predictable and sustainable growth.

The digital transformation overall, with the right strategies, can lead to employment growth and job retention. It brings clear benefits for employers, workers, and jobseekers alike, in terms of new job opportunities, increased productivity, improvements in working conditions and new ways of organising work and improved quality of services and products.

The transition also comes with challenges and risks for workers and enterprises, as some tasks will disappear, and many others will change. This requires the anticipation of change, the delivery of skills needed for workers and enterprises to succeed in the digital age. Others include work organisation and working conditions, work life balance and accessibility of technology, including infrastructure, across the economy and regions. Specific approaches are also needed for SMEs to embrace digitalisation in a way that is tailored to their specific circumstances.

What we need: a report on trends and signs of change about the future of work and skills and best practices to adjust to it, covering the general landscape and Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia – under the WorkTransitionCEE project umbrella. The researcher/ provider will work closely with all the WorkTransitionCEE project co-applicants to gather input on best practices at national level to be incorporated.

The trends report should have minimum 28 pages and should include, but is not limited to:

Language: the report will be written in English

Number of pages: 28 (minimum)

Format: the provider will be responsible for the design of the “Trends report” by following the project brand guidelines and will provide the editable version of the final deliverable

Budget: 4000 Euro (all taxes included)

Selection procedure:

Interested candidates must send the following application documents by e-mail:

Deadline for offer submission: 4th February, 5PM at

The selection procedure is to be closed on 11th February, with the announcement of the provider selected.

Deadline for delivering the Trends report: 31st March

WorkTransitionCEE Project: The activity is part of the WorkTransitionCEE – a project co-financed by the European Union, which brings together six representative social partners from Central and Eastern Europe, Concordia (RO), NBS (RO), MGYOSZ / BusinessHungary (HU), VASAS (HU), @RUZ (SK), NKOS (SK)) to study in detail the risks, challenges and opportunities for the Industry 4.0 labor market.

Social partners have a key role to play in the design and implementation of measures, as they are at the heart of emerging trends and labor demand. Individual employers can play a critical role, not least because their influence on the creation of profiles of the workforce and skills required, the working conditions and levels of pay offered can have a direct bearing on the extent to which recruitment difficulties emerge.

WorkTransitionCEE aims to underline how critical the following years will be for job transition in the new world of work. Specifically, our project highlights the importance of a strong European social dialogue and the need to implement the Autonomous Framework Agreement on Digitalisation to optimise the benefits and better deal with the challenges of digitalization.