Our common goal is to raise awareness among employers and employees on the opportunities and challenges resulting from the digital transformation of the world of work

Concordia Employers’ Confederation

Concordia Employers’ Confederation represents 14 of the most important sectors of the Romanian economy (automotive, energy and utilities, financial-banking, hotel, IT, retail, transport, refreshments).

Representing over 350,000 employees in over 1,800 large and small companies, with foreign and domestic capital, Concordia is the only employers' confederation in Romania member of Business Europe (BE), the International Organization of Employers (IOE) and Business at OECD (BIAC).

Concordia Employers’ Confederation actively promotes economic freedom and social responsibility, good governance and the predictability of the legislative framework. It also aims to strengthen the voice of employers in Romania, to improve social dialogue and to promote, through its actions, a high level of professionalism and transparency of the legislative consultation process.

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    BNS – National Union Block

    The National Trade Union Block was set up in 1991 almost immediately after Romanian revolution and the change of political regime. BNS is a trade union confederation reuniting trade union federations from different areas of activity.

    These unions cover all groups of workers. industrial, professional, managerial, skilled or unskilled (heavy and light industry, public transport, water distribution. building and raw materials, post & telecommunications, culture & media, agriculture, health care., power production and distribution, electronics, defense industry, oil and gas, mining, tourism, public administration, financial services, sports.

    There are 21 sectoral federations affiliated to BNS and 42 regional offices, representing the interests and rights of over 320 000 workers, approximately 40% of BNS membership are women.

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      MGYOSZ/Business Hungary is a national economic business federation of the employers.

      It counts among its members more than 50 sectoral professional associations and 16 regional employers' associations, represents 60 percent of the competitive sector and its members are employing more than 1,2 million employees in total.

      MGYOSZ/Business Hungary is member in the International Organisation of Employers (IOE) and International Labour Organisation (ILO) since 2004; member of Business Europe since 2007.

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        Hungarian Metalworkers‘ Federation

        VASAS, the Hungarian Metalworkers’ Federation represents workers’ interests of the metal, automotive, mechanical engineering, electronics and ICT industry.

        VASAS aims are to improve working conditions, achieve a fair social security system and serve the satisfaction of the members. Our union was established and still exists on the basic values of national and international solidarity.

        Founded in 1877 by ironworkers, VASAS is nowadays one of the largest and strongest sectorial trade union in Hungary with 20 thousand active members.

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          Since its foundation in 2004, the National Union of Employers has become the most important and most prominent organization in the private sector advocating employers' interests in Slovakia with respect for freedom of expression and political association.

          We represent all sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, construction, energy, trade, services, tourism, banking and insurance, the IT sector, and healthcare. Our members include companies of every kind, from small firms with just a few employees to some of the country's biggest employers.

          We help guide the state's economic and social policy and participate in the drafting of legislation in all key areas, including employment, social affairs, tax, and wages.

          We cooperate with national and local government bodies, representatives of trade union federations, chambers of commerce and industry, and other organizations representing businesses and employers in Slovakia and abroad. NUE is a proud member of BusinessEurope, Business at OECD, and IOE.

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            Independent Christian Unions of Slovakia (NKOS) are an open trade union based on the Christian principles of democracy and humanism. NKOS advocates the principle of partnership in trade, economic and social life. NKOS defends trade union pluralism as a core component of freedom and democracy.
            NKOS is an association of employees formed with the object of improving the conditions of employees and for protecting the interests of workers.

            The main function of NKOS is collective bargaining with the management for securing better work environment for the employees. NKOS organizes employees from the education, public administration, trade, transport, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering sectors.
            Important activities include participation in international seminars concerning the promotion of social dialogue and cooperation and the development of cooperation with democratic trade unions in Europe. 

            In addition to trade unions, two platforms are operating within NKOS: Youth Platform and Platform of Seniors. NKOS bodies are built on democratic bottom-up approach with direct responsibility of members, program, and action unity, collective of decision-making and control.

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