On 23 February, the Concordia Employers’ Confederation, together with the National Trade Union Bloc (BNS), organised the online workshop “Are robots taking our jobs? Implications of automation and digitisation in the CEE region”, attended by representatives of employees, employers and local public authorities from across the country.

By transferring best practices, we provided the framework to discuss these implications of the digital transition in a seated way. The event presented the objectives of the WorkTransition CEE project, together with examples of good practice from other countries in the region, as well as a practical guide for employees and employers to turn the challenge of digitisation into an opportunity for growth.

The conclusions of the seminar were internalised by employees and employers representatives and will form the basis for further discussions on policy recommendations. The transition to digitisation, although laborious, becomes a feedback loop. Each entity is both an agent of change and a beneficiary of change.